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75 years young

"Those who close their eyes to the past become blind to the present." - Richard Karl Freiherr von Weizsäcker (*1920)

In 1937, Konrad Kelle and his wife Emma acquired the Vollmeierhof No. 8, whose chronicle dates back to 1585. The couple quickly transformed the existing tavern into a thriving inn, which was initially named "Gasthof zu den Linden."

In 1958, the "Jägerhof," now led by the second generation, received its present name. In 1959, the first major renovation began, marking the beginning of ongoing structural changes. These changes temporarily ended in 1995 with the addition of the glass entrance hall. Frequent interior modernizations, coupled with continuous kitchen improvements, enhanced enjoyment, comfort, and coziness, establishing the Jägerhof as one of the leading establishments in the Hannover region.
For Maren and Cord Kelle, who took over the Jägerhof in 2013, the future of the historic inn is just beginning. They continue the tradition of their family, preserving the legacy while adapting to the needs of the modern age.

Congratulations on 75 years of history and excellence!

Celebrating the 75th anniversary and now managed by the third generation, this success story serves as an inspiration to continually make their establishment so attractive that it remains the contemporary home for their guests on their travels.

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Social Engagement

For Maren and Cord Kelle, hospitality is what the American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–82) described as 'a little warmth, a little food, and great rest.'

Cord Kelle is also socially engaged and founded the «KfO – Kochen für Obdachlose Hannover e.V.» which provided a warm meal with a hot drink from December to March, exclusively funded by donations.

In the first few years, the KfO association supported the «Ecumenical Food Distribution», die von Dezember bis März eine warme Mahlzeit mit einem Heißgetränk ausgab, die ausschließlich aus Spendenmitteln finanziert wurden.

Now, KfO supports the «Heilsarmee Korps Hannover» every Thursday with a warm meal for those in need, starting at 12:00 p.m from the Jägerhof's kitchen.

  1. For more information, visit: KfO – Kochen für Obdachlose Hannover e.V.

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KfO Kochen für Obdachlose Hannover e.V.

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Werbeagentur Schulz-Design e. K.

Flemingstr. 4, 30880 Laatzen


Job Vacancies

Your Career at Jägerhof

It is no use saying, 'We are doing our best.' You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary.
Winston Churchill

Are you looking for a new challenge? Do you want to contribute to the perfect stay of our guests, with hospitality and service as your top priorities? Then you are in the right place with us!

While job openings and hotel positions are not often available due to our satisfied employees, it's always worth taking a look at our website. Stay informed, reach out to us, and send us your meaningful application documents, or simply give us a call.

Job opportunities for your next hotel job or training are regularly posted. Whether you're a chef or a hotel professional, it's always exciting here.

We are looking for a Chef

Professional experience and teamwork skills are desirable.
39-hour workweek, with compensation well above industry standards.

You can also apply via email at:

We are also looking for part-time assistants for our restaurant team!

We are still looking for apprentices in the following professions:
  1. Restaurant Specialist
  2. Cook

Applications are also welcome via email at:

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